Make the Most of your Listing

5/14/2010 - By Nikki Kirst

Looking to capture every traveler that visits your listing? One of the biggest mistakes that vacation rental owners/mangers make is not providing enough information on their listing. Most travelers will simply “skip” over your listing if they see that it is lacking information, photos, and details. When a vacationer lands on your listing page, they want to know everything about the property without having to contact you; so when they do contact you they are ready to book the rental and have very few questions about the property.


We make it easy for you, the home owner, to provide all of the details of your vacation rental to potential guests. Every owner has access to edit property listings at anytime. At Show Vacation Rentals, we not only have the traveler in mind, but also the home owner. We have developed our listing pages to accommodate all details about the rental in an organized fashion. When a traveler lands on your listing page they can easily navigate and find all of the information they are looking for.


When editing/creating your property listing it is important to add as much detail as possible. The content on your listing should create a picture in the traveler’s mind of your vacation rental and leave no questions unanswered. Creating a well developed property listing will help you increase your inquiries and bookings. Property listings with little content and only a few photos tend to have a higher bounce rate. Don’t give the traveler the opportunity to leave your listing, make them want to read more.


If you have any questions or seek advice about the completeness of your property listing please contact us, we would love to provide with you expert advice and guidance.

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