Tips for Decorating your Vacation Rental

11/30/2010 - By Nikki Kirst

When decorating and furnishing your vacation rental is it important to remember that vacationers choose to rent your home rather than staying in a hotel because they want the comfort of home. Keep these easy tips in mind when decorating and furnishing your vacation rental.


  • Keep the property location in mind. When decorating your vacation rental choose décor that matches that reflect the setting of the property. For example, if you own an oceanfront condo incorporating a beach theme would be very inviting to your guests. For a cottage in the mountains, choose a rustic and authentic décor. Check out local shops, boutiques, and antique stores in the area for decorating ideas.
  • Is there somewhere to unwind? It is important that you create an area in the home that provides for relaxation and comfort. Your guests are typically on vacation to relax. Set up the family room, den, or spare room for your guests to sit back, relax, watch television, play a game, or read a book. Be sure to select comfortable seating for this room.
  • Choose furniture that can be cleaned easily. Cleaning and maintaining your vacation home is very important – guests expect to rent a home that is cared for. With this is mind it makes sense to furnish your home with items that are easy to clean.
  • Are your furnishings family friendly? If you welcome families to vacation at your rental property, make sure that the furniture inside the home is child-friendly. If you have valuable and fragile items in the home do not put them at a level where they can be easily reached and broken.
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