Tips for Creating your Listing

8/6/2012 - By Show Vacation Rentals

You have signed up with and added your property – now what? We have compiled a list of the top five tips and suggestions to make the most of your listing on Your hope is to get the attention every traveler that visits your listing page, so let us help!
  1. Perfect Pictures. Choose high quality images to represent your listing. Visit our blog “Pictures Really Are Worth 1,000 Words” for great tips.
  2. Detailed Descriptions. When writing your description keep in mind that the traveler has never been there before, try to paint a picture for the traveler with your words. Describe the living areas, kitchen, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, and any other spaces in the house.
  3. Clear Pricing. Make sure you are upfront and clear with your rental pricing and terms so that the traveler does not have to waste time finding out your payment terms, pet policy, or deposit requirement. A traveler is more likely to inquire about your listing when there is complete and concise information.
  4. The Amenities. We provide with you a very extensive list of amenities that you can display on your listing. Take the time and go through the list and select all of the amenities you offer. This saves yourself and the traveler time.
  5. The Location. Provide details and information about your location and surrounding area. Include nearby activities, attractions, and events. Let the traveler know about all of the great entertaining things to do in the area.
Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about creating a great listing to feature your vacation rental.
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