Traveling on a Budget?

7/8/2010 - By Nikki Kirst

In today’s economy everyone is looking for ways to save money, especially while vacationing. There are a number of ways to keep the costs of your vacation down.

Where to Stay
Vacation Rentals provide travelers with an alternative to staying in a hotel room, often at a better rate. If you are travelling with you a large group, most of the time you would have to rent multiple hotel rooms, and the cost of your accommodations has doubled. Staying in a vacation rental not only allows you to enjoy all of the comforts of home, but provides more room for you and your guests so you do not have to cram the family in a hotel room. Search to find the perfect vacation rental.

Where to Eat
One of the biggest expenses on a vacation, other than the accommodation, is dining out. Of course you want to experience the local flavor, but you can do it at a reasonable cost. A benefit of renting a vacation home is having access to a fully equipped kitchen. Take a trip to the local grocery store and stock your refrigerator with basic needs; this will surly cut dining costs. Do some research; there are plenty of local restaurants that offer lunch specials, dinner specials, and cheap eats. Talk to some of the locals in the area to find the best local dives.

What to Do
Everyone’s favorite thing to do on vacation is to visit the local attractions and activities. There are plenty of attractions and activities that are often free or discounted in most vacation destinations. Grab a local newspaper and check out what is going on in the area, maybe there is a festival, market, or free concert. Spend a few minutes on the internet browsing popular attractions in the area and check for special coupons or offers. Of course you can always ask a local for travel guides and tips.

Even though you are on a budget, do not let that detour you from taking a vacation. There are so many great ways to save on your vacation.
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