Tips for Traveling with Children

7/14/2010 - By Nikki Kirst

Hesitant about taking a family vacation? Will you spend too much money? How will you keep your children occupied? Do not let these questions ruin your family vacation; follow these simple tips to make your vacation planning headache free and one you will remember.

  • Whether you are taking a road trip or a flight, be sure to pack a bag for your children to keep them occupied during the travel. Include an extra set of clothes, your child’s favorite toys, and snacks. Puzzle books, books on tape, and portable DVD players are great items to pack to keep your children busy during your travels.
  • If possible, choose a travel time when your children are usually napping or sleeping with hopes that they will sleep during the journey.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, take a quick trip to the grocery store to stock your vacation rental’s refrigerator and cabinets. This is an affordable alternative to dining out with your family three times a day.
  • Visit the area’s local tourist information center to gather information about local attractions and activities. You will most likely be able to find coupons and information about specials in the area.
  • Plan your day in advance; this will save you time and money. Involve your children, ask them what they would like to see or do.
  • Allow for some down time during your vacation; you don’t have to do it all. Spend an afternoon at a nearby pool, watch a movie with your children, or have a picnic in the local park.
  • Most importantly enjoy your family vacation!
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