Travelling with Children

7/26/2012 - By Show Vacation Rentals

This summer, most families will be travelling with children to their vacation destination. Just the thought of travelling with small travel may overwhelm you, but stay calm we have some advice for you. Whether you are travelling by plane, train, or automobile, we offer you some tips for travelling with small children for vacationing parents.

“Buy a new book or toy for your vacation, something your child has never seen before. They will be very excited and occupied with this new toy.”

“Pack plenty of snacks like fruit snacks, fruit, vegetables, and crackers.”

“Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen and hats, and do not forget to apply it to your children frequently.”

“If you are travelling by car, use a shade cloth if you do not have one already to keep the sun out of your child’s face.”

“Plan to stop frequently when travelling by car. The fresh air will help with car sickness.”

“Participate in games with your child. Play I Spy or the Alphabet Game; this helps the time go by for both you and your child.”

“Pack a first aid kit. Include children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, antibacterial wipes, and band aids.”

“Encourage your children to look out the window when traveling on a windy road to prevent motion sickness.”

“Don’t forget pillows and blankets for the car ride.”

“Before you hit the road, make a CD of your child’s favorite songs.”

“Pack bottled water”

And our favorite tip, “Have fun!"

These are just a few great tips for travelling with children. If you have any tips to add please let us know and we will be happy to include them on our list. Enjoy your family vacation!
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