Vacation Rental VS. Hotel

8/7/2012 - By Show Vacation Rentals

When planning a vacation one of the most important questions is where will you stay? Most people assume that a hotel is the only accommodation choice for them, but that it is not true! When choosing to stay in a vacation rental, you have opened up your options to a variety of accommodations. Vacation rentals include private homes, condos, villas, cabins, bungalows, bed and breakfasts, and more. Take a look at some of our reasons for staying in a vacation rental for your next getaway:

  • Space. Vacation rentals provide much more space than your average hotel room. Why cramp your family into a small hotel room with two double beds, when you can spread out in a three bedroom private vacation rental. 
  • Amenities. Vacation rentals offer many more amenities than a hotel room. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, rather than a mini fridge with an expensive price tag, that you would find at a hotel room. Another benefit of these amenities is that you can save money and grocery shop to cook at home rather than going out to dinner every night.
  • Events and Family Reunions. Planning your annual couples’ getaway or family reunion? Why reserve a block of expensive hotel rooms when you can book a vacation rental large enough for your entire group. Reserving multiple hotel rooms can add up very fast; instead book one vacation home for much less.
  • Pets. You don’t have to leave your four legged best friend at home! Many vacation rentals are pet friendly, check out our pet friendly directory for a list of pet friendly vacation rentals, click here.
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